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Alignment Ear Cuff_PG × White Topaz

Alignment Ear Cuff_PG × White Topaz

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White Topazを一列にセッティングすることで 'Ties' 結びつきを表現したイヤカフ。
美しい透明感をもつWhite Topazをダイヤが贅沢に施され、

Pink Gold
White Dia 0.12ct
White Topaz

RIEFE JEWELLERYではお客様一人一人に向けて一から丁寧にお作りしているため、全てオーダーを承ってからの製作となります。

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RIEFE JEWELLERY offers made-to-order jewelleries so that we can provide personal items for each of our customers.

If you would like to purchase customized jewelleries, feel free to contact us via email or Instagram.
Instagram: riefejewellery_official

The items of your order will be delivered to you after 1~2 months of your purchase. (Public holidays may affect)

*If you order more than 2 items at a time, they will be shipped together after all the items are completed.
*Please note that we do not accept cancellation.

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